Vallecamonica, from Tonale to Corno Trentapassi mountain… 90 km of art, history and nature not to be missed!

Discover the the valley of Vallecamonica, one of the largest valleys in the Alps with its 90 km of length, from the magnificent white peaks of Tonale Pass to the Corno Trenta Passi mountain that overlooks the crystal clear blue waters of the lake Iseo.

You will find not only prehistoric stone engravings, a UNESCO recognized World Heritage Site but also the very important archaeological sites of the Roman era without neglecting the pretty medieval villages such as Bienno, counted among the most beautiful villages in Italy for its historic centre where the time seems to have stopped.

Explore the pure and uncontaminated nature, walk along the hiden paths of the wonderful natural parks like the famous Stelvio Pass or the Adamello Alps with breathtaking views without neglecting the well known thermal spas of Boario Terme and Angolo Terme where you can immerse yourself in warm thermal waters to regenerate your body and spirit.

Art & history

Vallecamonica … rock engravings, medieval villages and archaeological sites and much more to discover

The rock engravings of Vallecamonica will take you on a journey through time that starts just a few kilometers from Pisogne, in Darfo where you can visit the Luine Park with the oldest rock engravings depicting the theme of hunting. To the north, in the middle of Vallecamonica, in addition to the sites of Ossimo, Ceto, Paspardo, you will find the most important and famous site of Capo di Ponte UNESCO World Heritage Site where you will discover the wonderful rock engravings depicting hunting, animals and human figures made from 6000 a.c. until the Roman era.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit Bienno, a small medieval village part of the club I Borghi più Belli d’Italia, where it seems that every stone has something to say and to every turned angle you get surprised: the elegant architecture, an arc among the houses, a lane that winds among the buildings and almost inexplicably it conducts you in a different place, and perhaps in a different time, in its glorious past.

Besides being an outstanding example of a medieval hamlet that should not be missed we would like to recommend you the Fair Mostra Mercato “Arts & Crafts” that for the last 28 years in August opens the doors to the visitors for a stroll among marvelous works of art and artistic craftsmanship, products and local gastronomic specialties, events and shows between lights and sounds to taste the true essence of this magic medieval hamlet.

Just 5 minutes by car from Bienno you will meet Cividate Camuno famous not only for the eighteenth-century Parish church of Santa Maria Assunta built above the Romanesque church but moreover for the National Archaeological Park of the Roman theater and amphitheater where you can admire the ancient remains of the rich Roman era. 


The uncontaminated nature, the lake and the mountains, a magical territory of infinite beauty … this is our land


Monteisola is a jewel to see but above all to live. The first thing you will notice along the marvelous landscape is that there are no cars, no noise no stress. Get on a local minibus or hire a bike or as we suggest walk along the green hills and admire the enchanting views of the lake and the two faboulous nearby island of San Paolo and Loreto so small to accommodate a villa each. Explore the eleven medieval villages of Monteisola with their ancient squares, hidden alleys and cobbled streets and discover the crafts of the past.

If you don’t fear walks climb to the top of the island at the Sanctuary of Madonna della Ceriola, where you can fully enjoy the magnificent lake view.


In ancient times it was the only way to reach the Vallecamonica by land, today it is an incredible itinerary to travel along 25 km from Pilzone to Pisogne through villages, meadows and country churches accompanied by spectacular views of the lake


The lake, mountain and blue sky… for the sports and adventure lovers

The pleasant walks on foot, by bike or on horseback along the enchanting valleys and green mountains or the adventurous climbs overhanging the lake during the summer but also skiing, snowshoeing on the magic white mountains …


Immerse yourself in unspoiled nature on foot or by bike along the paths that lead from Pisogne to the beautiful nearby Val Palot, carry on towards Vallecamonica passing from Passabocche to Montecampione or to Val Trompia from Colle di San Zeno or simply choose the Vello – Toline pedestrian cycle path, 8 km of fabulous path directly on the lake.

If you have not yet visited Montisola this is a wonderful opportunity to do it, take the ferry and then by bike or on foot you can circumnavigate the whole island and then, if you are not tired, climb to the top of the island, to the Sanctuary of Ceriola; the effort will be rewarded by the magnificent and breathtaking panorama of Lake Sebino.

If horse riding is your favorite sport, you can choose pleasant walks in the countryside and enjoy the fantastic views of the lake Iseo or go around the stunning alpine lake Moro, a pure and precious jewel of Vallecamonica’s nature.

If you are looking for strong emotions and the effort does not scare you, you can try your hand at rock climbing steep cliffs or overhanging cliffs such as Castro, the Corno di San Giovanni in Lovere, or in Rogno just 7 km from Pisogne.

And for golf enthusiasts the Franciacorta Golf Club south of the lake Iseo, in the heart of Franciacorta, offers a splendid and well-kept course characterized by woods and vineyards that surround it. The course is suitable for professional and amateur players and runs on gentle ups and downs. The low holes surround the large artificial lake of about 50,000 square meters, creating a unique atmosphere.


With the first snowfalls, for you who love skiing in the Prealps of the Orobie, Adamello and the Brescian Prealps you will be spoiled for choice. You will find 11 ski lifts at only 15 km from Pisogne, between the peaceful and very close Val Palot or Montecampione. And again the Passo della Presolana with breathtaking views, Schilpario, the cross-country skiing paradise where you can enjoy the view of the forest and splendid mountains along the Pista degli Abeti.

And if that’s not enough, in the north just 70 km from Pisogne you will find the incredible and well-known ski area of Tonale Pass and Ponte di Legno for those who love adventure but also a social life with shopping in Ponte di Legno.