Beyond “The Floating Piers”; an amazing amount of things to see and do on the gorgeous lake Iseo

Known worldwide in 2016 for the resounding success of “The Floating Piers”, the temporary structure of the great artist Christò, Lake Iseo is an enchanting place to be discovered.

Immerse yourself in timeless places, in art and history, walking through the pretty squares, narrow alleys and ancient churches of the enchanting medieval hamlets set like precious gems between the lake and the mountain.

The incredible and majestic nature of Lake Iseo will surprise you among parks and natural reserves such as the Valle del Freddo, the Zone Pyramids, the Park of Iseo’s Torbiere or the grandiose steep cliffs that descend overhanging the lake without forgetting the splendid highlands of Bossico and Cerete that offer breathtaking views of our unique lake Sebino.

Art & history

Among the narrow streets, antique districts, churches and towers, immerse in art and history of the magical medieval hamlets of lake Iseo…

On the north-western shore, nestled between the blue waters of Lake Sebino, Vallecamonica and the Brescian Prealps, stands the medieval village of Pisogne. You can admire the extraordinary Romanino’s frescoes in the marvellous Santa Maria della Neve church or visit the ancient Pieve di Santa Maria in Silvis just outside our hotel.

Wander through the beautiful Municipal Park full of centuries-old trees, many of which are rare, you will reach the beautiful Market Square dominated by the imposing Bishop’s Tower and surrounded by magnificent 19th century villas such as Villa Damioli, this and much more is the medieval hamlet of Pisogne.

But there are many others like Lovere, counted among the Club of the most beautiful villages of Italy, rich in history with the Academy of Fine Arts Tadini, the enchanting Basilica of St. Mary keeper of important frescoes or Riva di Solto, a small medieval village overlooking the lake Iseo where time seems to have stopped. The town of Iseo, with the castle Oldofredi and its lively squares or Sarnico with the famous art gallery Gianni Bellini and many others small towns and villages where you can immerse yourself in a real life of the locals. 


The uncontaminated nature, the lake and the mountains, a magical territory of infinite beauty … this is our land


The incredible and majestic nature of Lake Iseo has a lot to offer: from the Valle del Freddo with gentians and edelweiss that live at 350 and 700 m thanks to a micro thermal phenomenon, to the natural reserve of the Zone Pyramids created by the erosion of water.

Discover the spectacular sheer cliffs of Riva di Solto and Castro, cliffs that that fall sheer into the lake’s waters of stunning beauty such as the Orrido del Bogn. Explore the imposing canyon carved between the walls of rocks over 40 meters high in the Tinazzo Gorge Park with a particularly cool climate even during the hottest summers without forgetting the Torbiere d’Iseo Natural Park a true paradise for bird-watching considering the protected flora and fauna.


The lake, mountain and blue sky… for the sports and adventure lovers

Sailing boats, kayaks, windsurf, water skiing, kite surf … this is the lake Iseo from a different point of view

Surprise your partner with an unexpected and very special gift, rent a sailboat with or without a skipper and set off to discover the enchanting and romantic Lake Iseo.

If you love the lake and want to discover it in peace and without haste rent the canoes or stand up paddle and set off to discover the green coves with small pebble beaches like the incredible Orrido del Bogn or the Oglio River Natural Reserve at the exact point where the river enters the lake to admire the countless protected species that inhabit this magical place that’s only waiting to be discovered.

Do you want to start a different sport? Then do not waste time start with windsurfing, kitesurfing or water skiing and if it is the first time that you do it don’t lose heart, you will have the opportunity to take lessons with one of our trusted suppliers.